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Thessaloniki railway station

The New Thessaloniki Railway Station (Greek: Νέος Σιδηροδρομικός Σταθμός ΘεσσαλονίκηςNeos Sidirodromikos Stathmos Thessalonikis) is the main central passenger railway station and terminal of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city. It is located in the central quarter of Xirokrini on Monastiriou Street and was inaugurated on 12 June 1961, the passenger station replaced the old and much smaller passenger station which now handles the city's cargo rail, hence the name "new railway station" which has been retained.

As of 2020, long-distance trains from New Thessaloniki Railway Station are run by TrainOSE to Athens, Alexandroupoli, Larissa, and Florina; other long-distance operators include. Bulgarian Railways, Serbian Railways and Makedonski Železnici, to Sofia, Belgrade and Skopje railway station respectly. In addition, Proastiakos Thessaloniki runs suburban commuter trains in and around Thessaly and Western Macedonia. Although largely unchanged since the 1960s, it remains the largest and busiest railway station built in Greece, and one of the most important works of modern architecture in the country. A metro station is currently also under construction at the station, to connect the New Thessaloniki Railway Station with the city’s new Metro system.

The Station currently features large waiting areas, a central hall with cafes,[28] restaurants, a small chapel and a shopping centre within a 1960s era building. The staffed station has staffed ticket offices and luggage lockers. There is a taxi rank and Parking in the forecourt. On the platforms, seating is available under the original 1960s modernist canopies.

Discussions are underway for the expansion of the station and a general overhaul, which will also include a hotel and a revamp of the central offices of the OSE for northern Greece.

In June 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic the station was one of the first in Greece to Utilise thermal cameras in order to measure the temperature of staff and passengers, as an additional precautionary measure against the coronavirus.