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Luleaa Central railway station

Location  Luleå, Luleå Municipality

Luleå Central Station (Swedish: Luleå centralstation) or Luleå C is a railway station located on the Main Line Through Upper Norrland in Luleå, Sweden. The station is owned by Jernhusen and is the terminal of the line.

The station is located at the eastern end of Stationsgatan, in the eastern part of the city center. The bus terminal for Länstrafiken i Norrbotten is located 300 metres (980 ft) northwest of the station. There are also three hotels within walking distance of the station.

Luleå C is served by two daily trains along the Iron Ore Line to Kiruna Central Station and onwards along the Ofoten Line to Narvik Station in Norway. In addition, there is a daily service to Umeå Central Station and two daily services to Stockholm Central Station along the Main Line Through Upper Norrland. Trains are operated by SJ.

Preceding stationNorrtågFollowing station
towards Kiruna
  Iron Ore Line   Terminus
towards Haparanda
  Haparanda Line  
Terminus   Main Line Through Upper Norrland   Notviken
towards Umeå East