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Östersund Central Station

Östersund Central Station (Swedish: Östersund centralstation) or Östersund C is the main railway station serving Östersund, Sweden. It is located on the Middle Line (Mittbananand) and the Inland Line (Inlandsbanan) and is served by SJ, Mittnabotåget (operated by Veolia Transport). Trains often leave to Stockholm and Trondheim or by Inlandsbanan to Gällivare (a one-day travel) or to Mora.

The station building was built in 1879, mainly following the drawings of architect Adolf W. Edelsvärd (1824–1919). The building was constructed entirely in wood. English botanist William Dallimore (1871–1959) visited the station in 1929 and noted that the "best birch panelling" was used.