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Bohumin railway station

Bohumín is one of the most important railway junctions in the Czech Republic. There are lines in the directions of Ostrava (– Břeclav – Vienna / – Olomouc – Prague), Petrovice u Karviné (– Katowice) (both built by the Austrian Northern Railway) and Chałupki ( – Racibórz and Wodzisław Śląski). Another important line in the direction of Český Těšín, Žilina, and Košice also originally started here, but was relocated in 1963 and now separates from the line to Petrovice u Karviné in Dětmarovice. There is also an important depot in Bohumín. All trains of the companies Czech Railways, RegioJet a LEO Express are standing there.

LEO Express also operates a bus line to Polish cities Katowice and Kraków.