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Cluj-Napoca railway station

Location  Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Cluj-Napoca train station is the main railway station in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It is located near the city center.

Current situation

The station is situated on the Căile Ferate Române line 300 Bucharest–Ploiești–Brașov–Teiuș–Cluj-Napoca–Oradea–Episcopia Bihor and the line Cluj-Napoca–Dej–Ilva Mică. As of 2008, Cluj-Napoca railway station serves about 100 passenger trains, including domestic trains operated by Căile Ferate Române. Cluj-Napoca offers connections with the majority of Romanian cities, as well as service to Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria.

Distance from other railway stations

București Nord Romania 497
Arad Romania 332 via Alba Iulia
Arad Romania 279 via Oradea
Brașov Romania 331
Constanța Romania 722 via București Nord
Constanța Romania 718 via Buzău
Craiova Romania 375 via Târgu Jiu
Galați Romania 641 via Brașov
Galați Romania 654 via Bacău, Suceava
Iași Romania 458
Oradea Romania 152
Satu Mare Romania 252 via Baia Mare
Satu Mare Romania 285 via Oradea
Suceava Romania 322
Timișoara Nord Romania 330 via Oradea
Timișoara Nord Romania 389 via Deva
Belgrade Serbia 508
Berlin Germany 1,260
Budapest Hungary 400
Chișinău Moldova 588
Frankfurt am Main Germany 1,259
Kyiv Ukraine 1,116 via Suceava
Sofia Bulgaria 1,033 via București Nord
Venice Italy 1,252
Vienna Austria 672


Preceding station CFR Following station
toward Oradea
  CFR Intercity 300  
Câmpia Turzii
toward București Nord