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Tampere Central station

Location  Rautatienkatu 25, 33100
 Tampere, Finland

There are currently three platforms in the Tampere railway station, two of which have a roof. There are five tracks in total, but there are plans to add a fourth platform, making seven tracks in total.

About 80 trains arrive at and depart from the Tampere railway station every day, with 5.25 million passengers using the station in 2018. Most of the traffic is towards Helsinki. Tampere also has railway connections northwards, and towards the cities of Turku, Jyväskylä, and Pori. Pendolino trains go from Tampere to Helsinki, Kuopio via Jyväskylä, and Oulu via Seinäjoki.

The Tampere cargo station is located south from the passenger station. It includes one of the busiest railway organisation yards in Finland. The green building on the east side of the tracks, opposite the old passenger station is the old cargo station. A track leads from the cargo station, over the highway to Helsinki, to the Nekala district, which previously contained many private tracks servicing stock companies. Nowadays, some of the tracks have been disassembled and some are disused. The starting point of the track is used to store train carriages.