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Cartagena railway station

Cartagena railway station is the main railway station in the Spanish city of Cartagena in the Region of Murcia. It is the terminus of the Chinchilla–Cartagena railway, and the current station building opened in 1903.

Cartagena is served by Media Distancia trains to Valencia-Nord and Altaria services to Madrid, all via Murcia del Carmen.

In 2018, the Alvia 730 service began, enabling travel times between Cartagena to Madrid of three hours and thirty-two minutes.

Approximately 250 m (820 ft) southwest of the station is the terminus of the Cartagena-Los Nietos commuter rail line.


Preceding station Renfe Operadora Following station
Torre Pacheco
toward Madrid Puerta de Atocha
  Alvia   Terminus
Torre Pacheco
toward Madrid Chamartín
  Intercity   Terminus
Torre Pacheco
toward Barcelona Sants


Torre Pacheco
toward Miraflores
  Intercity   Terminus
Torre Pacheco
toward Valencia Nord
  Media Distancia

Work began in 2018 to prepare Cartagena station as the future terminus of the Madrid–Levante high-speed rail network, due to reach the station in 2023.