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Lindau-Reutin railway station

Lindau-Reutin station is a junction station in the town of Lindau (Lake Constance), where the Aeschach curve branches off from the Lindau–Bludenz line. It is also a border station with Austria. In the course of the reconstruction of the Lindau rail hub, which began in 2016, the rail facilities, which were last used only as a goods station, were expanded into Lindau's new long-distance train station, which went into operation in 2020.

Since the timetable change on December 13, 2020, six connections are offered daily in the direction of Munich and Zurich as EuroCity-Express (ECE) and Eurocity (EC), with a change of train class in Reutin. Thanks to the expansion of tilting technology, the electrification of the route between Geltendorf and Lindau and the elimination of the previous traction and direction change in Lindau, they are about 20 minutes faster between the two cities than before.

From the beginning of July to mid-September 2021, a pair of trains will run on Saturdays on the Bregenz–Lindau-Reutlin–Berlin route as ICE 1208/1209.

In addition, Lindau-Reutin is served by the S1 of the Vorarlberg S-Bahn as well as ÖBB regional trains, which passed the station without stopping until 2020. The remaining regional services continued to stop only at Lindau-Insel station, with the exception of the RE 7, which was extended to Lindau-Reutin in 2020. The RE 5, RE 7 and RE 70 were rerouted to Lindau-Reutin and a new service, the RE 96, from Munich to Lindau-Reutin via Memmingen and Lindau-Insel was introduced in 2021.

Long distance services

The Lindau-Reutin station is served by the following DB-Fernverkehr services:

ICE 18 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen – Erfurt – Nürnberg – Augsburg – Buchloe – Lindau-Reutin – Bregenz Seasonal, only ICE 1208/1209
ECE 88 Munich – Buchloe – Memmingen – Lindau-Reutin – Feldkirch – Zürich 240 min towards Austria as EuroCity,

towards Munich as EuroCityExpress

RJX 32 Frankfurt – Heidelberg – Stuttgart – Ulm – Friedrichshafen Stadt – Lindau-Reutin – Innsbruck – Salzburg – Vienna – Vienna Airport A single train pair
IC 32 Bochum – Essen – Düsseldorf – Cologne – Koblenz – Mainz – Mannheim – Stuttgart – Ulm – Friedrichshafen Stadt – Lindau-Reutin – Innsbruck A single train pair

 Regional services

The station ist served by the following regional, Vorarlberg S-Bahn, and St. Gallen S-Bahn services:

RE 5 Lindau-Reutin – Friedrichshafen Stadt – Meckenbeuren – Ravensburg – Aulendorf – Bad Schussenried – Biberach (Riß) – Laupheim West – Ulm Hauptbahnhof – Geislingen (Steige) – Göppingen – Plochingen – Esslingen (Neckar) – Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof 60 min DB Regio Baden-Württemberg
RE 7 Lindau-Reutin – Hergatz – Immenstadt – Kempten – Buchloe – Augsburg (– Nuremberg) 120 min DB Regio Bayern
RE 70 Lindau-Reutin – Hergatz – Immenstadt – Kempten – Buchloe – Munich 120 min DB Regio Bayern
RE 96 Lindau-Reutin – Lindau-Insel – Kißlegg – Memmingen – Buchloe – Munich 120 min Go-Ahead Bayern
REX Lindau-Insel – Lindau-Reutin – Bregenz – Donrbirn – Feldkirch – Bludenz (– Vandans – Schruns) 60 min Montafoner Bahn / ÖBB
S 1 Lindau-Insel – Lindau-Reutin – Bregenz – Dornbirn – Feldkirch – Bludenz 60 min ÖBB
S7 Lindau-Reutin – Bregenz – St. Margrethen – Rorschach – Romanshorn 120 min; weekends only THURBO


Preceding stationDeutsche Bahn AG-Logo.svg DB FernverkehrFollowing station
  ICE 18   Memmingen
towards Berlin Gesundbrunnen
towards Zürich HB
ECE 88
EuroCity towards Austria, EuroCityExpress towards Munich
towards München Hbf
Preceding stationDeutsche Bahn AG-Logo.svg DB Regio BayernFollowing station
Terminus   RE 7   Hergatz
towards Augsburg Hbf or Nürnberg Hbf
  RE 70   Hergatz
towards München Hbf
Preceding stationDeutsche Bahn AG-Logo.svg DB ZugBus Regionalverkehr Alb-BodenseeFollowing station
Terminus   RE 5   Nonnenhorn
towards Stuttgart Hbf
Preceding stationGo-Ahead BayernFollowing station
Terminus   RE 96   Lindau-Insel
towards München Hbf
Preceding stationÖBBFollowing station
towards Bludenz
  REX   Lindau-Insel
Preceding stationVorarlberg S-BahnFollowing station
towards Bludenz
  S1   Lindau-Insel
Preceding stationSt. Gallen S-BahnFollowing station
towards Weinfelden
  S7   Terminus