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Eidsvoll railway station

Location  Eidsvoll, Eidsvoll

Eidsvoll is a railway station located at Eidsvoll in Akershus, Norway. The station is a terminal of the Trunk Line, the Gardermoen Line, and the Dovre Line. Though the Dovre Line and the Trunk Line/Gardermoen Line practically are the same continual railway, there is a naming change at the station, thus making it a terminus for all the three lines. The station serves the Oslo Commuter Rail to Kongsberg and regional trains to Lillehammer, Drammen and Skien. In the summer the paddle steamer Skibladner operates from the docks at the station.

Preceding stationBane NOR logo.svgFollowing station
Dal Trunk
Eidsvoll Verk Gardermoen Line
Dovre Line Tangen
Preceding stationRegional trainsFollowing station
Oslo Airport R10 Drammen–Oslo S–Lillehammer   Tangen
Eidsvoll Verk R11 Skien–Oslo S–Eidsvoll  
Preceding stationLocal trainsFollowing station
Eidsvoll Verk L12 Kongsberg–Oslo S–Eidsvoll