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Dresden main station

Location  Wiener Platz 4, Seevorstadt, Dresden, Saxony

The station is located south of the Inner Old Town in the Seevorstadt and the district of Südvorstadtat reaches its southern edge. Next door to the station area is the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden (University of Applied Sciences). Federal highway 170 passes under the station area to the east of the station building, running north–south.

Dresden Hauptbahnhof ("main station", abbreviated Dresden Hbf) is the largest passenger station in the Saxon capital of Dresden. In 1898, it replaced the Böhmischen Bahnhof ("Bohemian station") of the former Saxon-Bohemian State Railway (Sächsisch-Böhmische Staatseisenbahn), and was designed with its formal layout as the central station of the city. The combination of a station building on an island between the tracks and a terminal station on two different levels is unique. The building is notable for its train-sheds, which are roofed with Teflon-coated glass fibre membranes. This translucent roof design, installed during the comprehensive restoration of the station at the beginning of the 21st century, allows more daylight to reach the concourses than was previously possible.

The station is connected by the Dresden railway node to the tracks of the Děčín–Dresden-Neustadt railway and the Dresden–Werdau railway (Saxon-Franconian trunk line), allowing traffic to run to the southeast towards Prague, Vienna and on to south-eastern Europe or to the southwest towards Chemnitz and Nuremberg. The connection of the routes to the north (Berlin), northwest (Leipzig) and east (Görlitz) does not take place at the station, but north of Dresden-Neustadt station (at least for passenger trains).




Each day the station is used by around 60,000 passengers, 381 trains (including 50 long-distance services), including up to ten S-Bahn services each hour. In passenger traffic it is served by services operated by DB Fernverkehr (long-distance), DB Regio (Südost), Städtebahn Sachsen and Vogtlandbahn (under the brand name of Trilex). In addition, about 200 freight trains operated by different railway companies pass the station daily.


The most common direct destination outside the area of the Dresden S-Bahn is Leipzig with up to 32 services daily. The other most frequent long-distance destinations are Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Prague and Budapest. The Saxon-Franconian trunk line via Chemnitz and the Vogtland to Nuremberg has been discontinued in recent years, despite the growth of long-distance traffic and is now only operated by DB Regio as far as Hof.


The number of direct connections to the station mean that it has national significance as an interchange. It is one of the 21 stations of the highest category as classified by DB Station&Service.

Train services

The station is served by the following services (incomplete list):

Preceding station DB Fernverkehr Following station
towards Warnemünde
  IC 17
via Berlin
towards Wiesbaden
  ICE 50   Terminus
towards Hamburg-Altona
  IC/EC 27
every 2 hours
Bad Schandau
towards Prague
  IC/EC 27
1 train pair
Bad Schandau
towards Budapest
towards Cologne
  IC 55   Terminus
Preceding station DB Regio Following station
Dresden Mitte
toward Hoyerswerda
  RE 15   Terminus
Dresden Mitte
toward Cottbus Hbf
  RE 18   Terminus
Terminus   RE 20
Wanderexpress Bohemica
toward Litoměřice město
Dresden Mitte
toward Leipzig Hbf
  RE 50   Terminus
toward Elsterwerda-Biehla
  RB 31   Terminus
Preceding station Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn Following station
toward Hof Hbf
  RE 3   Terminus
toward Zwickau Hbf
  RB 30   Terminus
Preceding station Städtebahn Sachsen Following station
Terminus   RE 19
Wintersport Express
toward Kurort Altenberg
Terminus   RB 34  
Dresden Mitte
toward Kamenz
Preceding station Vogtlandbahn Following station
Terminus   RE 1
Dresden Mitte
toward Görlitz or Zgorzelec
Terminus   RE 2
Dresden Mitte
toward Zittau or Liberec
Terminus   RB 60
Dresden Mitte
toward Görlitz
Terminus   RB 61
Dresden Mitte
toward Zittau
Preceding station Dresden S-Bahn Following station
Dresden Freiberger Straße
toward Meißen Triebischtal
  S 1  
toward Schöna
Dresden Freiberger Straße
toward Dresden Flughafen
  S 2  
toward Pirna
toward Freiberg (Sachs)
  S 3   Terminus
Preceding stationKoleje DolnośląskieFollowing station
towards Wrocław Główny
  D10   Terminus