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Liverpool Central railway station in Liverpool, England, forms a central hub of the Merseyrail network, being on both the Northern Line and the Wirral Line. The station is located underground on two levels, below the site of a former mainline terminus. It is the busiest station in Liverpool, though considerably smaller than Lime Street station, the mainline terminus, and the busiest station to operate solely on the Merseyrail network. The station is the busiest underground station outside London serving 40,000 people daily. The station in passengers per platform is the busiest underground railway station in the United Kingdom at 5,217,547 per platform per annum and laying third in all stations, underground or overground.

Liverpool Central is one of nine stations on the Merseyrail network to incorporate automatic ticket gates. The main concourse is part of a shopping centre, and includes a closed subway link to the former Lewis's department store.

Liverpool Central station information & facilities

Address Address
Liverpool Central station, Ranelagh Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 1JT
Distance from Liverpool Central to city center Distance from Liverpool Central to city center
0.8 miles (1.3 km)
Amenities at station
Wifi Wifi
Shopping Shopping
Type of shops available: Shoe repairer Wide range of shops Convenience store Passport Photo Booth
Dining Dining
Car Rentals Car Rentals
Information Desk Information Desk
Information available from staff: Yes - from help point, Yes - from ticket office | Helpline Contact: 0151 555 1111 | Passenger Information Systems: Departure screens, Announcements, Arrival screens
Accessibility Accessibility