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Fenchurch Street railway station, also known as London Fenchurch Street, is a central London railway terminus in the southeastern corner of the City of London. It takes its name from its proximity to Fenchurch Street, a key thoroughfare in the City. The station and all trains are operated by c2c. Services run on lines built by the London and Blackwall Railway (L&BR) and the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway (LTSR) are to destinations in east London and south Essex, including Upminster, Grays, Basildon, Southend and Shoeburyness.

Fenchurch Street is one of the smallest railway terminals in London in terms of platforms, but one of the most intensively operated. It is the only London terminal with no direct interchange with the London Underground.

London Fenchurch Street station information & facilities

Address Address
London Fenchurch Street station, Fenchurch Place, London, EC3M 4AJ
Distance from London Fenchurch Street to city center Distance from London Fenchurch Street to city center
2.5 miles (4.1 km)
Amenities at station
Wifi Wifi
Shopping Shopping
Type of shops available: Wide range of shops
Dining Dining
Car Rentals Car Rentals
Information Desk Information Desk
Information available from staff: Yes - from information point | Helpline Contact: 03457 44 44 22 | Passenger Information Systems: Departure screens, Announcements, Arrival screens