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Newcastle Central Station (also known simply as Newcastle and locally as Central Station) is a major railway station in Newcastle upon Tyne. It is located on the East Coast Main Line, around 268 miles (432 km) north of London King's Cross. It is the primary national rail station serving Newcastle upon Tyne, with local rail services provided by the Tyne and Wear Metro network to which the station is connected to by Central Station Metro station, situated beneath the national rail station.

The main line serving the station is the East Coast Main Line from London to Edinburgh via Yorkshire and Newcastle. TransPennine Express maintains a frequent service to Liverpool and Manchester, and CrossCountry provides services to the West Midlands and South West of England. The station is also on the Durham Coast Line which provides commuter connections to Gateshead, Sunderland, Hartlepool, and Middlesbrough. Additionally, the station is served by the Tyne Valley Line to Hexham and Carlisle. Direct destinations from the station include London, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Durham, Birmingham, York, Darlington, Bristol, Reading, and Plymouth.

Newcastle upon Tyne, John Dobson Street station information & facilities

Address Address
Newcastle upon Tyne John Dobson Street, John Dobson St, NE1 8AX
Distance from Newcastle upon Tyne, John Dobson Street to city center Distance from Newcastle upon Tyne, John Dobson Street to city center
0.2 miles (440 m)