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Blackfriars, also known as London Blackfriars, is a central London railway station and connected London Underground station in the City of London. It provides Thameslink services: local (from North to South London), and regional (Bedford and Cambridge to Brighton) and limited Southeastern commuter services to South East London and Kent. Its platforms span the River Thames, the only one in London to do so, along the length of Blackfriars Railway Bridge, a short distance downstream from Blackfriars Bridge. There are two station entrances either side of the Thames, along with a connection to the London Underground District and Circle lines.

In 2009, the station underwent major refurbishments to improve capacity, which included the extension of the platforms across the railway bridge and a new station entrance on the South Bank. The underground station was rebuilt at the same time, and work was completed in 2012.

London Blackfriars station information & facilities

Address Address
London Blackfriars station, Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4DY
Distance from London Blackfriars to city center Distance from London Blackfriars to city center
1.4 miles (2.2 km)
Amenities at station
Wifi Wifi
Taxi Taxi
Taxi: YES
Shopping Shopping
Type of shops available: Newsagent
Dining Dining
Accessibility Accessibility