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Ealing Broadway is a major single-level interchange station in Ealing in London, England. It is in the London Borough of Ealing, West London, and is served by the London Underground and also National Rail on the Great Western Main Line. On the Underground, it is one of three western termini of the District line, the next station being Ealing Common, and it is also one of two western termini of the Central line, the next station being West Acton. On the National Rail network, it is a through-station on the Great Western Main Line, 5 miles 56 chains (9.2 km) down the line from London Paddington, between Acton Main Line and West Ealing.

Ealing Broadway station information & facilities

Address Address
Ealing Broadway station, The Broadway, Ealing, Greater London, W5 2NU
Phone Phone
+44 343 222 1234
Distance from Ealing Broadway to city center Distance from Ealing Broadway to city center
10.1 miles (16.3 km)
How to get to this station? How to get to this station?
Location for Rail Replacement Services: Bus stop F outside station entrance (both directions) Click here for map
Amenities at station
Shopping Shopping
Dining Dining
Information Desk Information Desk
Information available from staff: Yes - from help point, Yes - from ticket office | Helpline Contact: 0343 222 1234 | Passenger Information Systems: Departure screens, Announcements
Accessibility Accessibility