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Timisoara Nord Station

Location  2 Gării Street, Timișoara

Timișoara North railway station  is the main railway station in Timișoara and also the largest railway station in western Romania. With an average daily ridership of about 5,530 passengers, Timișoara North is one of the busiest railway stations in Romania.


From Timișoara North start nine railway lines, which connect Timișoara to cities located both in Romania and Hungary, and from there to other cities in Europe:[12]

  • CFR Line 213 (Timișoara–Radna)
  • CFR Line 217 (Timișoara–Nerău);
  • CFR Line 218 (Timișoara–Cenad)
  • CFR Line 310 (Timișoara–Arad). From Arad there are trains to Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Iași or Satu Mare. There is also a line that goes to Budapest.
  • CFR Line 900 (Timișoara–Bucharest), part of Pan-European Corridor IV (southern branch)
  • CFR Line 918 Timișoara–Buziaș–Lugoj
  • CFR Line 919 (Timișoara–Jimbolia) with extension to Kikinda
  • CFR Line 922 (Timișoara–Stamora Moravița). The line continues in Serbia, through Vršac to Belgrade.
  • CFR Line 926 (Timișoara–Cruceni)