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Kortrijk station

Location  Stationsplein,
 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium

Kortrijk railway station, officially Kortrijk, is the main railway station in KortrijkWest Flanders, Belgium. With around 10,000 passengers per day, Kortrijk is the fifteenth-busiest railway station in Belgium, and the second in West Flanders.

The following railway lines converge in this station: line 66 (Bruges–Kortrijk) and line 75 (Ghent–Mouscron). Railway lines 69 (Kortrijk–Ieper–Poperinge) and 89 (Denderleeuw–Kortrijk) begin just outside the station. Several national Intercity-trains, Interregio-trains and local trains also stop there, as do international trains like the Intercity-train to Lille-Flandres station in Lille, France.

Train services

The station is served by the following services:

  • Intercity services (IC-04) Lille/Poperinge - Kortrijk - Ghent - Sint-Niklaas - Antwerp
  • Intercity services (IC-12) Kortrijk - Ghent - Brussels - Leuven - Liege - Welkenraedt (weekdays)
  • Intercity services (IC-12) Kortrijk - Ghent (weekends)
  • Intercity services (IC-23) Ostend - Bruges - Kortrijk - Zottegem - Brussels - Brussels Airport
  • Intercity services (IC-26) Kortrijk - Tournai - Halle - Brussels - Dendermonde - Lokeren - Sint Niklaas (weekdays)
  • Intercity services (IC-32) Bruges - Roeselare - Kortrijk
  • Local services (L-05) Kortrijk - Oudenaarde - Ghent - Eeklo (weekdays)