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Helsingborg Central

Location  Helsingborg, Helsingborgs Stad

Helsingborg Central Station or 'Helsingborg C', also colloquially known as Knutpunkten is the primary railway station in Helsingborg. It is a transit hub for ferries, long-distance trains (SJ), Öresundståg, Pågatåg, city- and regional buses. It is one of Sweden's busiest transit hub facilities.

The railway station is the eleventh largest in Sweden with 24,100 passengers per weekday (2016). This includes passengers on the ferry and bus services. In total, Knutpunkten is visited by approximately 45,000 people daily.

Preceding stationSJFollowing station
Hässleholm Central
towards Stockholm Central
  Southern Main Line
night train only
  Lund Central
towards Malmö Central
Halmstad Central
towards Gothenburg Central
  West Coast Line  
Preceding stationØresundstågFollowing station
Malmö Central
towards Østerport
  West Coast Line   Landskrona
towards Gothenburg Central
Preceding stationPågatågenFollowing station
Terminus   Line 2B   Maria
towards Halmstad
towards Malmö C via Teckomatorp
  Line 3   Terminus
Terminus   Line 5   Ramlösa
towards Kristianstad
towards Trelleborg via Landskrona
  Line 9   Terminus