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Vaasa railway station

The Vaasa railway station (Finnish: Vaasan rautatieasema, Swedish: Vasa järnvägsstation) is located in the city of Vaasa, Finland. It is located along the Seinäjoki–Vaasa railway; it is one of the termini for passenger trains that use the line, and its neighboring station in the east is Tervajoki.

Vaasa  is a city on the west coast of Finland. It received its charter in 1606, during the reign of Charles IX of Sweden and is named after the Royal House of Vasa. Vaasa has a population of 67,569 (31 December 2020) (approximately 120,000 in the Vaasa sub-region), and is the regional capital of Ostrobothnia (Swedish: Österbotten; Finnish: Pohjanmaa).

The city is bilingual with 69.8% of the population speaking Finnish as their first language and 24.8% speaking Swedish. The surrounding Ostrobothnian municipalities have a clear Swedish-speaking majority, which is why the Swedish language maintains a strong position in the city.