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Paris Gare de Lyon station

Location 4 Place Louis Armand
75012 Paris Cedex 12, France

The Gare de Lyon, officially Paris-Gare-de-Lyon, is one of the six large mainline railway stations in Paris, France. It handles about 148.1 million passengers annually according to the estimates of the SNCF in 2018, with SNCF railways and RER D accounting for around 110 million and 38 million on the RER A, making it the second-busiest station of France after the Gare du Nord and one of the busiest in Europe. It is named after the city of Lyon, a stop for many long-distance trains departing here, most en route to the South of France. The station is served by high-speed TGV trains to Southern and Eastern France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain. The station also hosts regional trains and the RER and also the Gare de Lyon Métro station.

From Gare de Lyon train services depart to major French cities such as: Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Montpellier, Perpignan, Dijon, Besançon, Mulhouse, Grenoble and a number of destinations in the French Alps. International services operate to Italy: Turin and Milan; Switzerland: Geneva, Zürich, Basel and Lausanne; and Spain: Barcelona.

The following services currently call at Gare de Lyon:

  • High speed services (TGV)
    • Paris–Lyon
    • Paris–Avignon–Marseille
    • Paris–Avignon–Toulon–Cannes–Nice
    • Paris–Lyon–Montpellier–Béziers–Narbonne–Perpignan
    • Paris–Lyon–Montpellier–Perpignan–Girona–Barcelona
    • Paris–Grenoble
    • Paris–Bellegarde–Annemasse–Evian-les-Bains
    • Paris–Lyon–Chambéry–Turin–Milan
    • Paris–Chambéry–Aix-les-Bains–Annecy
    • Paris–Dijon–Besançon–Belfort–Mulhouse
    • Paris–Dijon–Besançon-Viotte
    • Paris–Dijon–Chalon-sur-Saône
    • Paris–Lyon–Saint-Étienne
    • Paris–Valence–Avignon–Miramas
    • Paris–Chambéry–Albertville–Bourg-Saint-Maurice (winter)
  • High speed services (Frecciarossa)
    • Paris–Lyon–Chambéry–Turin–Milan
    • Paris-Lyon-Part-Dieu-Lyon-Perrache
  • High speed services (TGV Lyria)
    • Paris–Bellegarde–Geneva (–Lausanne)
    • Paris–Belfort–Mulhouse–Basel (–Zurich)
    • Paris–Dijon–Lausanne
  • Regional services Paris–Montereau–Sens–Laroche-Migennes
  • Regional services (Transilien) Paris–Melun–Moret–Nemours–Montargis
  • Paris RER services A
    • Saint-Germain-en-Laye–Nanterre-Universite–La Defense–Gare de Lyon–Vincennes–Boissy-Saint-Leger
    • Cergy le Haut–Conflans–Sartrouville–La Defense–Gare de Lyon–Vincennes–Val-de-Fontenay–Marne-la-Vallee (Disneyland)
    • Poissy–Sartrouville–La Defense–Gare de Lyon–Vincennes–Val-de-Fontenay–Marne-la-Vallee (Disneyland)
  • Paris RER services D
    • Creil–Orry-la-Ville–Goussainville–Saint Denis–Gare du Nord–Gare de Lyon–Combs-la-Ville–Melun
    • Goussainville–Saint Denis–Gare du Nord–Gare de Lyon–Juvisy–Ris–Corbeil
    • Châtelet–Gare de Lyon–Juvisy–Grigny–Corbeil–Malesherbes
    • Gare de Lyon–Juvisy–Grigny–Corbeil–Melun