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Bar station

Bar  is a coastal town and seaport in southern Montenegro. It is the capital of the Bar Municipality and a center for tourism. According to the 2011 census, the city proper had 13,503 inhabitants, while the total population of Bar Municipality was 42,068.

Bar is also the final station of the Belgrade–Bar railway, which connects Bar with Podgorica, northern Montenegro and Serbia. Podgorica Airport is about 40 km (25 mi) from Bar. There are regular flights to Belgrade, Budapest, Zürich, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, London, Paris, Rome and Vienna.[citation needed] As well the Blueline bus company provides public bus service with the central city of Bar as well as near the city of Sutomoro. There is also inter city bueses as well as international buses such as Flexbus

The Bar railway station is a railway station located in Bar, Montenegro. It is one of 52 scheduled stops on the Belgrade–Bar railway and the main southern terminal (freight trains continue south to the port). The station is served by both Montenegro Railways and Serbian Railways for regular Serbia-Montenegro routes, however during the summer season, it also serves Macedonian Railways (Bar-Skopje line). and Russian Railways (Bar-Moscow line).