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Strasbourg-Ville station

Strasbourg is the prefecture and largest city of the Grand Est region of eastern France and the official seat of the European Parliament. Located at the border with Germany in the historic region of Alsace, it is the prefecture of the Bas-Rhin department.

Strasbourg-Ville station  is the main railway station in the city of Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, France. It is the eastern terminus of the Paris-Est–Strasbourg-Ville railway. 

Location 20 Place de la gare, 67000 Strasbourg

With over 20 million passengers in 2018, Strasbourg-Ville is one of the busiest railway stations in France, second only to Lyon-Part-Dieu outside of the Île-de-France.

Train services operate from the Gare de Strasbourg, the city's main station in the city centre, eastward to Offenburg and Karlsruhe in Germany, westward to Metz and Paris, and southward to Basel. Strasbourg's links with the rest of France have improved due to its recent connection to the TGV network, with the first phase of the TGV Est (Paris–Strasbourg) in 2007, the TGV Rhin-Rhône (Strasbourg-Lyon) in 2012, and the second phase of the TGV Est in July 2016.

TGV service is being assured by the LGV Est, since 2007, and the LGV Rhin-Rhône, since 2011.


  • Frankfurt - Strasbourg - Marseille
  • Munich - Stuttgart - Strasbourg - Paris-Est
  • Colmar - Mulhouse - Strasbourg - Paris-Est
  • Freiburg - Ringsheim/Europa-Park - Lahr - Offenburg - Strasbourg - Paris-Est
  • Strasbourg - Paris CDG Airport - Brussels
  • Strasbourg - Rennes
  • Strasbourg - Nantes
  • Strasbourg - Bordeaux
  • Strasbourg - Lyon - Marseille
  • Strasbourg - Lyon - Montpellier

Other Main Line services

  • Strasbourg - Paris


  • Strasbourg - Sélestat - Colmar - Mulhouse - Saint Louis - Basel
  • Strasbourg - Haguenau
  • Strasbourg - Metz
  • Strasbourg - Nancy
  • Strasbourg - Saint-Dié-des-Vosges - Épinal
  • Strasbourg - Sarreguemines - Saarbrücken(D)
  • Strasbourg - Kehl - Offenburg (Métro-Rhin and Ortenau-S-Bahn)

Strasbourg also has its own airport, serving major domestic destinations as well as international destinations in Europe and northern Africa. The airport is linked to the Gare de Strasbourg by a frequent train service.