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Breclav station

Břeclav  is a town in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. It has about 25,000 inhabitants.

Břeclav railway station is an important international railway junction in the Czech Republic, located in the town of Břeclav in South Moravia, close to the borders with Austria and Slovakia.

Location Břeclav
Czech Republic

Břeclav railway station is an important hub in the railroad network. It is located at the intersection of the routes to and from Brno – Prague, Ostrava – Kraków/Katowice (Poland), Kúty – Bratislava (Slovakia) and Hohenau an der March – Vienna (Austria). In addition, a local railway to Znojmo also branches out from the station. There is a rail border crossing Břeclav/Bernhardsthal to Austria.

The station is served by three national operators. Most services are operated by České dráhy, but Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) operate 2-hourly local trains from Vienna, and several ŽSSK services from Slovakia terminate here.

Preceding station   České dráhy   Following station
Brno hl.n.
toward Berlin
EN Metropol
  Slovakia Kúty
toward Budapest
toward Warsaw
EN Chopin
  Austria Wien Hbf
Brno hl.n.
toward Praha hl.n.
Wien Hbf
toward Graz
Brno hl.n.
toward Prague
  EuroCity   Austria Wien Simmering
toward Vienna
toward Ostrava
    Slovakia Kúty
toward Bratislava
toward Brno
  Regional fast trains   Turning point
or terminus
toward Olomouc or Ostrava
toward Brno
  Stopping trains   Terminus
Hrušky zastávka
toward Přerov
  Stopping trains   Lanžhot
toward Kúty
Terminus   Stopping trains   Boří les
toward Znojmo or Lednice
Preceding station   ŽSSK   Following station
Terminus   Regional fast trains   Lanžhot
toward Bratislava
Preceding station   ÖBB   Following station
Terminus   Regional   Austria Bernhardsthal
toward Wiener Neustadt