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Perpignan station

Perpignan is the prefecture of the Pyrénées-Orientales department in Southern France, in the heart of the plain of Roussillon, at the foot of the Pyrenees a few kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea and the scrublands of the Corbières massif. It is the centre of the Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole metropolitan area.

Perpignan station  is the railway station serving the city of Perpignan, Pyrénées-Orientales department, Occitanie, southern France.

Location 1 place Salvador-Dalí
66000 Perpignan

The following services currently call at Perpignan:

  • High speed services (TGV) Paris–Nîmes–Montpellier–Béziers–Perpignan–Barcelona
  • High speed services (TGV) Paris–Nîmes–Montpellier–Béziers–Perpignan
  • High speed services (AVE) Lyon–Nîmes–Montpellier–Béziers–Perpignan–Barcelona
  • High speed services (TGV) Toulouse–Carcassonne–Perpignan–Barcelona
  • High speed services (AVE) Marseille–Nîmes–Montpellier–Béziers–Perpignan–Barcelona–Madrid
  • Night services (Intercités de nuit) Paris–Carcassonne–Narbonne–Cerbère
  • Express service (TER Occitanie) Portbou–Cerbère–Perpignan–Narbonne–Béziers–Montpellier–Nîmes–Avignon
  • Local service (TER Occitanie) Portbou–Cerbère–Perpignan–Narbonne–Toulouse
  • Local service (TER Occitanie) Villefranche-Vernet-les-Bains–Perpignan