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Auber station

Location 9th arrondissement of Paris

Auber is a station on RER A in Paris. Opened on 23 November 1971 it is one of the largest vaulted underground stations in the world.

The station comprises a main train hall with a superposed ticket hall, together with an extensive network of tunnels connecting to the neighbouring Métro stations Opéra, Havre–Caumartin and Saint-Lazare, as well as Haussmann–Saint-Lazare on RER E. It takes its name from Rue Auber, under which it is situated.

Auber is connected to the following stations:

  • Havre–Caumartin
    • Paris Métro Line 3
    • Paris Métro Line 9
  • Opéra
    • Paris Métro Line 3
    • Paris Métro Line 7
    • Paris Métro Line 8
  • Haussmann–Saint-Lazare
    • RER E
  • Saint-Lazare
    • Paris Métro Line 3
    • Paris Métro Line 12
    • Paris Métro Line 13
    • Paris Métro Line 14
  • Saint-Augustin
    • Paris Métro Line 9