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Train travel in the UK has increased rapidly over the last two decades with new routes and more frequent services. The UK has over 20 rail operating companies, all of which have their own distinctive identities and procedures. However, integrated ticketing and timetabling means it's possible to make seamless changes between trains operated by different rail operators.

Eurostar provides a key link between England and mainland Europe, not only to Paris and Brussels but also to the Alps (in winter), the Rhône Valley and Provence (in summer). In 2018, a direct link from London to the Netherlands was launched. Train travel in the UK can be expensive if you want to make long-distance journeys without booking in advance. Early birds, however, are rewarded by cheap train tickets to the UK called Advance fares, which offer large discounts. There's also a good range of railcards that help to save you money, as well as our Pricehack split-ticketing facility.

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To book the cheapest flights, we suggest you to book your flights 6-8 weeks in advance, book flights from budget airlines, buy with Trip Coins and from flights sale, book indirect flights and avoid high traveling in peak tourist seasons. 
When are flight tickets the cheapest?
Best days to book flights are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. However, prices may fluctuate due to different factors. Remember to check out 

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