SJ (formally SJ AB) is a government-owned passenger train operator in Sweden. SJ was created in 2001, out of the public transport division of Statens Järnvägar, when the former government agency was divided into six separate government-owned limited companies. In 2018 SJ carried 31.8 million passengers.

Rail transport in Sweden uses a network of 15006.25 km of track, the 22nd largest in the world. Construction of the first railway line in Sweden began in 1855. The major operator of passenger trains has traditionally been the state-owned SJ AB, though today around 70% of all rail traffic consists of subsidised local and regional trains for which the regional public transport authorities bear responsibility. Passenger traffic has increased significantly since the turn of the millenium, and in 2019 Sweden ranked number five in the world (as measured in passenger kilometres per capita) and number three in the European union, as well as number sixth in the world when measured by passenger share (third in the E.U.).

Trains in Sweden

X 2000

Sweden's most popular train! Our High-speed train is renowned for its unique ability to tilt travelling through bends, which makes it Sweden's fastest. Rolls from Sundsvall in the north to Copenhagen in the south. In 2020, SJ is launching an upgraded and fully-modernised version of this train.

Max. speed: 200 km/h

Engine power: 3,260 kW

Environmental facts: The carbon dioxide emission generated by one person travelling from Stockholm to Göteborg, corresponds to 0.5 ml of petrol.

Available onboard: Wi-Fi, bistro, free refreshments in 1st Class, animal-permitted zone, quiet zone and wheelchair lifts.

SJ 3000

With the fastest acceleration capacity in SJ's fleet, this High-speed train is the perfect choice on routes with regular stops. Rolls from Umeå in the north to Malmö in the south. Rolled out in 2012, this is SJ's newest train.

Max. speed: 200 km/h

Engine power: 3,180 kW

Environmental facts: All SJ High-speed trains sort waste at source in the bistro.

Available onboard: Wi-Fi, bistro, free refreshments in 1st Class, animal-permitted zone, quiet zone and wheelchair lifts.


A modern regional train that, as of December 2016, will travel between Uppsala and Stockholm.

Max. speed: 200 km/h

Engine power: 1,700 kW (2-carriage) and 2,250 kW (3-carriage)

Environmental facts: SJ's drivers are trained in ecodriving in a bid to ensure an optimal energy-efficient and comfortable journey.

Available onboard: Wi-Fi, animal-permitted zone and a low step onto the train − no wheelchair lift required.

Locomotive trains (SJ InterCity/Regional/Night train)

The 1980s carriages are operated in SJ's InterCity, regional and night trains. Most of these carriages have been upgraded, and some of the bistro carriages now have a children's corner where small passengers can play train drivers. Locomotive trains are the trains that traffic SJ routes most.

Max. speed: 160 km/h

Engine power: 3,600 kW

Environmental facts: Locomotive trains, like all SJ trains, run on 100% renewable energy.
Available onboard: A bistro service is operated on some night trains and InterCity trains.


A popular regional train that runs along many routes in Sweden. Ours operate between Sala-Linköping and Karlstad-Göteborg.

Max. speed: 200 km/h

Engine power: 1,590 kW (2-carriage) and 2,120 kW (3-carriage)

Environmental facts: In Sweden, all journeys by SJ trains carry the Good Environmental Choice label since 1994.

Available onboard: Animal-permitted zone and wheelchair lift.

X 12

EA classic regional train that was recently refurbished with a new, attractive interior. Larger luggage racks, manual wheelchair ramp, and a toilet designed to aid disabled travellers are just some of the updates and additions.

Max. speed: 160 km/h

Engine power: 1,280 kW

Environmental facts: Every time we upgrade the trains, SJ places tough environmental demands on our suppliers.

Available onboard: Wheelchair lift


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