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Oslo Central Station

Oslo Central Station (Norwegian: Oslo sentralstasjon, abbreviated Oslo S) is the main railway station in Oslo, and the largest railway station within the entire Norwegian railway system. It is the terminus of Drammen Line, Gardermoen Line, Gjøvik Line, Hoved Line and Østfold Line. It serves express, regional and local rail services by four companies. The railway station is operated by Bane NOR while its real estate subsidiary, Bane NOR Eiendom owns the station, and was opened in 1980.

Four railway companies offer a combination of express, regional and commuter train service in addition to the Flytoget (Airport Express Train) service.

  • Express trains are offered to Bergen, Kristiansand, Stavanger and Trondheim in addition to Stockholm in Sweden. Service is provided domestically by Vy using Class 73 units and to Sweden by SJ using X2 units. Day trains are operated three times a day domestically and once to Stockholm. Night trains are also operated to all four cities mentioned before.
  • Regional trains are operated to Skien, Lillehammer, Gjøvik, Halden, Karlstad and Gothenburg. Service is provided by Vy with Class 70 units (Skien – Lillehammer), Class 73b units (Halden – Gothenburg) and by Vy Gjøvikbanen with Class 69g units to Gjøvik. The Swedish PTA Värmlandstrafik operated by Merresor, using X53 "Regina" units on the Oslo – Karlstad service.
  • Airport Express Train operates a ten-minute frequency to Oslo Airport, Gardermoen using Class 71 units. This is the only high speed train service in Norway and is operated by Flytoget.
  • Local trains are operated by Vy and Vy Gjøviksbanen using Class 69 and Class 72 units.


Preceding stationBane NOR logo.svgFollowing station
Nationaltheatret Drammen Line Terminus
Terminus Gardermoen Line Lillestrøm
Gjøvik Line Tøyen
Trunk Line Bryn
Preceding stationExpress trainsFollowing station
21   Oslo S–Trondheim S   Lillestrøm
  Oslo S–Stockholm C  
Asker 41   Bergen–Oslo S  
50   Stavanger-Kristiansand–Oslo S  
Preceding stationRegional trainsFollowing station
Nationaltheatret R10 Drammen–Oslo S–Lillehammer   Lillestrøm
Nationaltheatret R11 Skien–Oslo S–Eidsvoll   Lillestrøm
R20 Oslo S–Halden-Gothenburg   Ski
R30 Oslo S–Gjøvik   Grefsen
Preceding stationFlytoget logo.svgFollowing station
F1 Oslo S–Oslo Airport   Oslo Airport
Nationaltheatret F1X Stabekk–Oslo Airport   Oslo Airport
Nationaltheatret F2 Drammen–Oslo Airport   Lillestrøm
Preceding stationLocal trainsFollowing station
Nationaltheatret L1 Spikkestad–Oslo S–Lillestrøm   Bryn
L2 Stabekk–Oslo S–Ski   Nordstrand
L2x Stabekk–Oslo S–Ski   Hauketo
L3 Oslo S–Jaren   Tøyen
Nationaltheatret L12 Kongsberg–Oslo S–Eidsvoll   Lillestrøm
L13 Drammen–Oslo S–Dal  
L14 Asker–Oslo S–Kongsvinger  
L21 Stabekk–Oslo S–Moss   Holmlia
L22 Skøyen–Oslo S–Mysen   Kolbotn